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Jack Herer x Lemon Skunk

True Breeder Line

Working with seeds obtained in Holland in 2008 directly from Greenhouse Seed growers, this project has been active for 10 years. Having been told that the actual cross is Jack x Lemon Skunk, Not Super Silver Haze, we started with a Jack Herer male into Lemon Man's, Lemon Skunk. It was obvious that those were the parents after the first run.  Once we had that male we hit her into our favorite SLH cut, and the process began. The Jack dominates many of the expressions, except a faster flowering time and a more relaxed sativa effect. 

17 Regular (M/F) Seeds

• Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

• Thc: 24-27%

• CBD: 1-2%


• TERPENES: Sweet and tart lemons, skunk, tropical fruits and spruce trees.

• EFFECTS: Uplifting, happy, appetite stimulating.

SUPER LEMON HAZE F-5 (17 seed)

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