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Cement Shoes 2 X Powder Cakes*

*Wedding Cake X Freshies(Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG)

Regular 18 seeds per pack.

Fans of Cement Shoes who are lookingfor a smoother experience won’t want to miss Snow Shoes’ close cousin. With this strain, you’ll spend more time in the initial bright euphoria, before being lowered gently into dreamland. Strong notes of creamy berry shortcake will settle in your lungs, coveringyou softly in a sugar haze. A heavy, homey blend that’s ideal for the holiday season. This breed is less tamed than othersin its family, and THC content will vary from plant to plant, but this little devil shouldn’t be underestimated and isn’t ideal for new smokers. It’s an even easier growing experience than Snow Shoes is, and you’ll likely see extremely uniform results fromany crop of it

Snow Shoes Type 2

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