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Bubblegum x (Gelato 41 x Dosidos)


6 Seeds per pack

The Indiana Bubblegum has been a difficult variety to breed with. The Bazooka JoeG and this hybrid, the Minto Orbit, are the only two hybrids with Bubblegum, out of dozens I’ve made, that I have been satisfied with. A great outdoor plant, mold and pest resistant, the Bubblegum triggers early finishing in most northern latitudes by the end of september. Her terp profile is a juicy baseball card bubblegum smell that preserves well in the jar and bag. Even months after harvest, the aroma is undeniably bubblgummy and sweet. Unfortunately, her potency,and resin density lacks, and as a result, the smoke just doesn’t really translate to flavor. Insert the Gelato 41 x Dosidos line. Known for it’s knockout power, tasty gelato cookie heavy flavor, and excellent calyx/bract to leaf ratio. The perfect match to the Bubblegum. Highly recommended for outdoor growers in northern climates looking for a varitety that will finish with beautiful maroon, purple, and rainbow of color with real deal potency capable of sending you into orbit!

Mint Orbit

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