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Fresh Squeezed

Ultraviolence X  Freshies*

*Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG

Regular18 seeds per pack.

Flavor: Floral citrus notes from the high fog line. Grapefruit lemonade with some purp under notes.

Effects: A long lasting stuttle stone, if consumed in large amounts the burst of adrenaline will quickly where offand a heavy headed feeling comes on. Best consumed in moderate doses to enjoy the up lifting sensation andcreative mindset that this will give you.

Growing: This Fresh Squeezed grows at good steady rate, vigorous vegetation. Loves it when you gradually rampup the PPM’s, during flower you can push her to the high 1600’s without burn. Sets noticeable pre-flower with indays of sending her into flower. In an average of 56 days you can harden her off to begin the cure.

Potency: High THC, Definitely a smokers high. When consumed during normal functioning hours be weary of agroggy high with full depth munchies 

Fresh Squeezed

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