Chester CopperpotCopper Chem X Freshies**Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OGRegular18 seeds per pack.Flavor: Stout, cerebral, relaxing, gassy. Full flavor smoke.Effects: There are always very memorable smoke sessions with this strain.Growing: A good yield awaits for those who grow the copper chem. Sturdy upright growth with a vigoursvegetation. This one can stretch out on you is head space is limited so if you are growing indoor don’t worry aboutflipping it into flower with less than 3 weeks of veg- 7-10 weeks of flower time. Don’t forget the flower hardener.Potency: Coming soon!Other notes: Great for managing mental disorders such as chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, and migraines.

Chester Cooperpot