Brand    Bubblebags
Available Kits    4 Bag | 8 Bag
Bag Height    37cm
Bag Width    24cm
Size    20 Gallon - Large
Eight Bag Kits220u, 190u, 160u, 120u, 90u, 73u, 45u, 25u

All Kits Contain    (micron mixing/filter bag) 1 pressing screen and a carry pouch


"If it doesn't bubble it's not worth the trouble!"

Fresh Headies has always been proud of the high quality of our Bubble Bags. We have been working with the same supplier in Nepal since before 2000, and have been able to source very high-quality, medical grade, German-made screen fabric. This heat-stamped screen has a consistent pore size, so that the micron size remains the same even when the bags have been used many times.

Each set of bags is hand-stitched in Nepal to the highest standards using parachute nylon for extra strength. with ripstop nylon bodies the BUbbleMan offers a lifetime guarantee with all his bubble bags.


The Mesh Micron Size for each bag :

The eight bag kits contain - 1x220u, 1x190u, 1x160u, 1x120u, 1x90u, 1x73u, 1x45u, 1x25u (micron mixing/filter bag) 1 pressing screen, and a carry pouch.

Bubble Bag™ Plant Extraction Kits - 20 Gallon (Large)