To create this perfect combination of Indica and Sativa G13 Labs Seeds used two champions – Blueberry and White Widow. Each one of them provides something special into Blue Venom what makes it such exceptional strain. White Widow provides a strong gene that produces compact, resin-covered florets while the Blueberry contributes its special taste of forest fruits. This easy to grow hybrid has high resistance to moisture, short flowering period (about 55 days) and long-lasting, strong but balanced cerebral effect. Its massive, broad flowers are fully covered with trichomes and produce up to 1,100g/plant. Blue Venom is suitable for growing outdoors in mild Mediterranean regions as well as in greenhouses.

Indoor: 500 gr/m2;
Outdoor 1000 gr/plant
Flowering: 50-55 days indoor; early/mid-October outdoor
Flavour: Forest fruits, Gentle Sweet
Aroma: Forest Fruits with Bittersweet top notes
Effects: Cerebral, Long Lasting
THC: 12-16%

Blue Venom