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Breeder Direct

W.G.F.T works Directly with all its breeders!

No middle man! NO 3rd Party!


                       Welcome to Weed Guardians Family Tree!

Hey, Buds!

Welcome to W.G.F.T! We're a professional, family-based Business with nearly 20 years of direct involvement in the cannabis industry.


Cannabis is our passion and joy. We believe in it in every aspect. Whether it be food, fuel, meditation, spirituality, fiber, medicine, Textile, or simply just a good time! 


Over the years of business, we found ourselves wanting to create something a little bit closer to home. Cannabis cultivation and breeding have always been our bread and butter. so naturally, expanding W.G.F.T to offer today's best genetics was inescapable.


please take the time to enjoy our ever-growing selection of Breeders and their great work. 


If you ever have any questions, please visit our f.a.q or feel free to send us a message in the chatbox. We're always happy to help!

Stay lifted, buds!




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